Our Awards

Boutiques Award 2023

Bad Homburg-based asset manager Fidecum has been honored with the Boutiques Award 2023 in the equities category. During a ceremonial act in Frankfurt’s Zoogesellschaftshaus, the fund management of the Fidecum Contrarian Value Euroland Fund (WKN: A0Q4S5, ISIN LU0370217688) headed by the responsible manager Hans-Peter Schupp was honored.

Style consistency and durability of investment approach even in difficult market phases dignified

In his laudatory speech, Daniel Knörr, Head of Product Management at Ampega Investment explained „Above all, the jury was impressed by the long-lasting consistency of style, and the persistence to keep up their approach even in difficult market phases.“ „An outstanding performance comes along with this“, Knörr pointed out. The portfolio posted a value increase of 24.96 percent for the past 12 months (cut-off date: 13.10.2023).

The prestigious Boutiques Awards accolade investment funds from smaller, independent asset managers that have proven themselves through their creative and non-benchmark correlated strategies. The initiators of the annual Boutiquen Awards are Mein Geld Medien Gruppe, AECON Fondsmarketing and Pro BoutiquenFonds GmbH.

Already the second award after the „Euro-Fund Award 2023“

This is already the second award for Fidecum in 2023. Earlier in the year, the Fidecum Contrarian Value Euroland fund received the „Euro-Fund Award 2023“ as the best fund in the Equities Eurozone category, which is awarded annually by Finanzenverlag. „We are very pleased about this renewed recognition,“ said Klaus Kämmerer, board member for client service and marketing at Fidecum AG. „We are value investors and are convinced that only those investment concepts succeed that remain flexible through independence from internal and external constraints while maintaining a manageable size and, above all, are true to style. In this sense, the Fidecum Contrarian Value Euroland fund has been successfully managed by my colleagues since the fund’s inception.“